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11 Screen Pros Name Their Goals for 2023

From automation to expansion to retirement.




11 Screen Pros Name Their Goals for 2023

What is one goal you want to accomplish in 2023?

  • Complete our employee handbook and update all our SOPs. — Dee Reeve, The E. B. Wood Group
  • Every year I try and push one more task off my plate. You know the saying, “The business owner should work on the business, not in the business.” It’s easier said than done. There seems to be a constant pull back into doing tasks. But no more! I have been refusing to pick up dropped balls for several years now. Pick up your own dropped ball! 2023 is me handing over the marketing tasks. It’s already in the works, but in March I will walk away and let it go. Like kicking a baby bird out of the nest. Fly or Die marketing! I will not rescue you. (Yikes!) — Matthew Pierrot, GetBOLD – T-shirt Printing and Embroidery
  • 11 Screen Pros Name Their Goals for 2023

  • Solving the problem of our slow months so our workload is always a steady flow. — Joe Ortinau, Ortinau Art

  • Sell my business and building and retire. — John Wilhelmsen, Distinct Impression
  • Break 2022 sales goal numbers. — Christine Geronimo, Midnight Supply Company
  • To get more help. All my goals depend on more and better employees. — Al Messier, Team Print
  • More automation in screen making, developing, and reclaim. — Scott Garnett, King Screen
  • Print less in-house, make more sales, and standardize the sales process. — Ron Goodwin, Goodwin Graphics
  • Work to find larger customers so we can produce larger count jobs for fewer customers. Fewer overall orders, but higher volume. — Jim Heiser, Bullseye Activewear
  • We are looking for a workflow system for our shop management that will maintain our growth, realize we have a contract clientele, and be well equipped to handle all the areas internally. Besides that, we are looking to expand our embroidery department so it can be opened to contract work. — Ron Augelli,
  • Establish a layer of management between myself and staff. — Ali Banholzer, Wear Your Spirit Warehouse

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