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3P InkJet Textiles AG, Stephanskirchen, Germany, announced the showcase and output of its Value fabrics on Gandinnovations’ new Jeti 3324 AquaJet grand-format digital printer at the Sign & Display 2008 Tokyo/Japan.

“We are very pleased that Gandinnovations is convinced of the advantages of our Value line,” says Thomas Pötz, director of marketing and product development of 3P. “They tested our products accurately with perfect results. Gandinnovations participates in exhibitions worldwide and presents digital textile printing with 3P fabrics exclusively. Image quality, eco- and user-friendliness are the most important aspects for advertising and fine-art industry, and 3P meets these extremely high standards.”

3P’s Value products are 100% recyclable and engineered without harmful substances. Products include Value Premium Flag FR, Value Display FR, Value Satin FR, and Value Gloss FR.

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