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A Truly American Story: Xhenis Levack Becomes CEO of Primoprint





Primoprint today announced Xhenis Levack as CEO, succeeding her late husband and co-founder Marc Levack, who passed away unexpectedly in 2018. Under Ms. Levack’s leadership, the print and design company has exceeded 20 percent year-over-year growth annually, added 10 new employees, and purchased a new building for additional anticipated growth in 2020. 

Xhenis (pronounced Janis) Levack immigrated to the United States as a teenager. After meeting in Detroit, she and Marc married and co-founded Primoprint in Michigan in 2007. They relocated the flourishing company to Charlotte in 2010 and later to Huntersville in 2016.

Today, Levack balances raising her children and leading the company she and Marc created. “When Marc passed away, so many people advised me to sell,” she recalls. Never one to back down from a challenge, Levack stepped up as the leader of the organization. “I’m a fighter – and I wanted to make sure things were done right,” she says. “I had two kids, my employees and all their families depending on me. And it is a labor of love – Marc and I created this business together and our employees are like family.” 

While Levack is proud of the company’s success, she is constantly strategizing how to re-invest the profits into the organization and her local community. She is particularly passionate about making sure families have enough to eat, a challenge she is familiar with from her personal experiences after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. “Food is the basis of life. This is America,” she says. “It should be the simplest thing to have food on the table.” 

As Primoprint plans to expand from its Huntersville office space into a building next door that Levack purchased in 2019, she is creating more ways to help feed her community. “I want to have an urban garden on our new property so that kids can come learn how to grow food for their families,” she says. For this immigrant-turned-CEO, the definition of success isn’t just achieving her American dream, but passing on that success to others.

To learn more about Primoprint, or to request an interview with Xhenis Levack, contact Hannah Kaminer at  
About Primoprint 


Founded in 2006, Primoprint is a leader in the print and custom graphic design industry. Based in the greater Charlotte area, Primoprint prides itself on its passionate in-house design team, charismatic US-based customer service, and creation of innovative products. Primoprint prioritizes environmentally conscious printing, empowering women, and giving back to the local community.  Learn more at or follow on social @PrimoprintUS.



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