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Absolute Inkjet Black Ink for Film Applications

Absolute Inkjet Black Ink for Film Applications

UV absorbing dye blocks light.

Absolute Inkjet has announced Absolute Black VET inks designed for clear film imaging and compatible with Epson Ecotank model printers, including Epson Ecotank Photo ET-8500, Epson Ecotank Photo ET-8550, and the Epson Surecolor T3170x. The black ink series leverages UV absorbing dye designed to block light for exposure applications including screen positives, flexo plates, and photo engraving. Films produced with the inks are scratch-resistant and can be reused, the company reports. Offered in 140-ml bottles and 1-L bulk bottles.


MANUFACTURER: Absolute Inkjet
PRODUCT CATEGORY: Digital Printing | Inks + Coatings

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