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Channel Sponsorship

Channel Sponsorship allows advertisers the most comprehensive advertising opportunity on ScreenWeb. Sponsorship can be chosen for any channels displayed on the ScreenWeb home page, including Prepress & Screenmaking, Graphics Printing, Industrial & Specialty Printing, Garment Printing, Digital Printing, Pad Printing, Inks & Coatings, Business Matters and Associations & Events.


Each exclusive sponsorship includes sponsor name, logo and sponsor identifier text, all of which remain on screen while visitors navigate that channel. The sponsor also receives the banner ad space exclusively for that channel so no other companies' banner ads rotate through an exclusive sponsor's channel. Sponsors may choose to run one or up to five banner ads in their channel, providing maximum advertising exposure.

Included with each Exclusive Channel Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor channel pad, logo and link on every channel page
  • Up to 10 channel pad links to sponsor's site or sponsored content
  • Up to 5 banner ads that rotate through sponsor's exclusive channel that can be used to advertise sponsor products or services, or to support distributors, make special or limited offers, promote show attendance and more
  • Listing in monthly e-mail Newsletter
  • Company and product "search" listing accessible from every page in site
  • One channel sponsor banner additionally placed as a ScreenWeb run-of-site banner
  • Secure advertiser extranet with real-time results for link and banner advertising

    Price: $11700/year


Banner Advertising

Run-of-site banners rotate through all available pages, including the home page, general message boards, classified ads, search pages, directory pages and all channel pages that do not have an Exclusive Channel Sponsor.


Standard Banner (468 x 60 pixels) $315/month
Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels) $875/month
Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels) $900/month


Announcement Lists

Send a full-color HTML email to ScreenWeb members who have directly requested product, tradeshow and other information related to screen printing. HTML allows use of formatted text, images, hyperlinks, animations — anything you can put in a Web page! ScreenWeb Announcements feature only one advertiser, so your full-color message will get noticed.

HTML e-mail provides you with the power and flexibility to brand your products, make multiple offers and drive traffic to your Web site. Combine the graphic appeal of print advertising with the power of the Internet.

The ScreenWeb Announcement List contains 100% opt-in addresses of screen printing owners and decision makers — we never purchase, rent or "harvest" names.

  • Advertiser provides a standard Web (HTML) page with images and a text version
  • Announcement Lists mailed by ScreenWeb (no list rental or third-party mailing)
  • Individual mail dates subject to availability
  • Demographics selects available. View List Demographics
  • View a Sample Announcement

$1250/Announcement (entire list)


Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach ScreenWeb members directly by sponsoring one of our monthly e-mail Newsletters. Each newsletter highlights new content and features in the site, upcoming contests, tradeshow news and other information for screen printers.

  • Sponsor may contribute up to 50 words of text and offer up to two active links to promote a particular product, launch an entire line, announce a contest . . . you name it!
  • Newsletters sent as text (ASCII) for greater availability and faster downloading.
  • Sponsor message appears on "first screen" directly below the table of contents so recipients see sponsor message without scrolling.
  • View List Demographics



Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links appear on every page in the site and include a hyperlink with a single line of descriptive text (approximately 75 characters maximum). Sponsored links can link to any Internet address or e-mail. High exposure at a low price.

  • Link from EVERY PAGE in ScreenWeb
  • Advertiser provides text description and link



Reserve Clause

ScreenWeb and ST Media Group International reserve the right to ask for revisions or reject any advertising it deems, in its sole opinion, not in keeping with its standards. Due to changing Internet conditions and unforeseen circumstances, ScreenWeb makes no warrant of availability for use of ScreenWeb or the accuracy of information contained therein. Opinions expressed within the message boards are those of the author and do not reflect the views of ScreenWeb or ST Media Group International.



Let’s Talk About It

Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Screen Printing Industry

LET’S TALK About It: Part 3 discusses how four screen printers have employed people with disabilities, why you should consider doing the same, the resources that are available, and more. Watch the live webinar, held August 16, moderated by Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief, Screen Printing magazine, with panelists Ali Banholzer, Amber Massey, Ryan Moor, and Jed Seifert. The multi-part series is hosted exclusively by ROQ.US and U.N.I.T.E Together. Let’s Talk About It: Part 1 focused on Black, female screen printers and can be watched here; Part 2 focused on the LGBTQ+ community and can be watched here.

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