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Advanced Greig Laminators, Inc. (AGL), Madison, WI, recently expanded its materials-distribution network with the opening of a warehouse located in Las Vegas, NV. AGL says the new facility will be used for stocking and distributing Cover-Rite, Mount-Smart, and Shadow-Block lamination materials to the region. The facility also will offer its own courier delivery service with same-day, door-to-door delivery for all products in the AGL Digital Films line.

“We are elated with the growth in business we’re experiencing within our western region,” says Brian Franks, director of sales and marketing at AGL. “The opening of our second warehouse continues our solid commitment to our Digital Films customers by continuing to offer laminating materials and services that they need, and requested of us.” AGL is located at 801 Burton Blvd., Deforest, WI 53532, 608-846-1025, 800-276-2664, fax: 608-846-1024, e-mail:, Web:

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