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Alcan Composites, St. Louis, MO, launched a new Website featuring interactive tools designed to simplify selecting graphic-display boards. The site now has a new graphic design, expanded product information within easy-to-navigate sections, and site search capabilities. From the home page, visitors can review the latest news from Alcan or move to several sections, including Our Products and VIP Access. In the Our Products section, an interactive product-selector tool allows visitors to select an appropriate graphic display board from Alcan’s Sintra, Gator, Fome-Cor, and Dibond lines by entering information about the application, how it will be fabricated, and material specifications, including color, sheet thickness, and sheet size. Appropriate graphic display boards are listed (from the least expensive for short-term use to the most expensive for long-term use) and highlighted in white as each question is asked and answered. A final recommendation for appropriate substrates is displayed when all project information is entered. The Products section also allows visitors to instantly access detailed product information, read success stories that highlight unique product applications, and obtain answers to frequently asked questions. Through the site’s VIP Access Membership, visitors can download Alcan’s document library, which includes technical documents, product information sheets, brochures, and selection guides. Alcan Composites USA Inc. is located at 55 West Port Plaza, Ste. 625, St. Louis, MO 63146, 800-626-3365, e-mail:, Web:

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