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Excellent indoor and outdoor durability, superb water and abrasion resistance, and unmatched adhesion with excellent resistance to UV, solvents, and chemicals are among the attributes Polymeric Imaging says you’ll find in its new ShurFoot, a printable, anti-slip coating for floor graphics. Polymeric also formulated ShurFoot for flexibility in finishing and a non-glare surface. The coating is supplied at print-ready viscosity, and Polymeric notes that thinning with its 1004 Universal Thinner should not exceed 10%. The company suggests the use of 80- to 100-thread/in. plain-weave mesh and 70- to 80-durometer polyurethane squeegee blade. ShurFoot can cover 600-800 sq ft/gal (56-74 sq m/gal). The coating is compatible with inkjet systems and UV and solvent screen inks. Polymeric Imaging Inc., 117 E. 14th Ave., North Kansas City, MO 64116, 816-221-5567, 800-746-5567, fax: 816-221-4820, Web:


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