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Durst says it enhanced the productivity of its Rhopac Large-Format Digital Printer with the addition of an automated feeder-stacker system. The feeder table is used to hold and align corrugated sheets. It automatically adjusts its height through the use of sensors. A vacuum arm transports the sheets and features a shaking action to ensure only one sheet at a time is fed into the Rhopac. Each printed sheet automatically exits the printer through a roll-and-drop mechanism that protects the print job and accelerates the production process. The Rhopac’s Quadro Array technology allows it to print white, varnish, and spot colors. Auto-adjust left and right board guides help ensure reliable transport of corrugated sheets and other packaging materials. An inline board-cleaning unit and a vacuum and cover system minimize dust and any resulting blemishes. Durst says the Rhopac is best at printing specialty runs that require quick turnaround, as well as prototypes and concept mock-ups, P-O-P displays, regionalized work within long-run national campaign printing jobs, and event, promotional, and other print-on-demand jobs. Durst Image Technology US, LLC, 50 Methodist Hill Dr., S-100, Rochester, NY 14623, 585-486-0340, fax: 585-486-0350, Web:


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