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Innovative design and advanced technology combine to make the MHM Synchroprint S-Type AC an automatic garment press that is easy to learn and use while producing top-quality performance day in and day out, according to Hirsch Int’l. The Synchroprint S-Type is now available in a 14-color configuration and has a 19-ft (5.8-m) diameter. Hirsch says it has the potential to output up to 1110 pieces/hr. The press features a touchscreen display that controls all main operator functions, such as individual printhead control, multiple-print-stroke capability, print modes for plastisol/water-based inks, sequential start/finish, sample/test printing, dwell timer, and remote flash-cure programming. Control keypads also are located at every station with all main operator functions. The press has a built-in USB port for online support and software upgrades. Other features include adjustable screen holders for front or side screen loading, single-lever angle adjustment in 5° increments (0-30° range); platen release from the touchscreen display, and quick release squeegees/flood bars with no clamps. The press is engineered with multidirectional, servo-driven indexing with double-index and freewheel capability; AC-drive printheads with linear guidance; single-phrase electricity; and more. Hirsch Int’l, 50 Engineers Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-394-4426, fax: 800-772-1788, Web:



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