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TAS expanded its family of Hawk entry-level automatic garment presses with the addition of the Hawk Compact. The press measures 10 ft 1 in. (3073 mm) and is equipped with electric printheads with A/C electric rotation, quick-release platens, and a Roto Print program that allows multiple flashing with one flash cure. Features include individual head and central off-contact, skip-shirt pedal, squeegee and floodbar-angle adjustments, infrared flash-cure units, and front, center, and rear microregistration controls. TAS says the maximum production range is approximately 950 prints/hr. The press is available in six-, seven-, eight-, and nine-color models and operates on 220-VAC, single-phase power. It comes with a four-year limited warranty. TAS America, 28008 Harrison Pkwy., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-295-9330, 800-321-5747, fax: 661-295-9333, e-mail:, Web:


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