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Lawson describes its Mustang automatic press for textiles and graphics as reliable, easy to use, and designed for maximum control, easy changeovers, and fast production. The all-mechanical system requires no supplemental air to operate. Standard features include aluminum vaccum table, direct-dial squeegee- and flood-pressure control, variable and independent print and flood speeds, adjustable print and flood angles, adjustable master-frame screen holder, wrap-around safety bar, microregistration, an up-front dual-adjust peel system, and more. Standard print sizes include 14 x 22, 22 x 30, 25 x 28, and 30 x 40 in. (356 x 559, 559 x 762, 635 x 711, 762 x 1016 mm). Lawson Screen & Digital Products, 5110 Penrose St., St. Louis, MO 63115, 314-382-9300, 800-325-8317, fax: 314-382-3012, Web:

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