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The MHM Compact from Hirsch Int’l ( is billed as a mini automatic that’s designed to maximize production speed on one- and two-color print jobs. According to Hirsch, the MHM Compact is ideal for shops that do not want to tie up their larger automatics with this type of work. The press has four platens with two printheads and a station for flash curing. Hirsch says this configuration makes it extremely fast to print/flash/print and unload. The Compact features a 17 x 17-in. (432 x 432-mm) print area, interchangeable platens, microregistration, individual printhead control, multiple print-stroke capability, plastisol/water-based print modes, sequential start/finish, sample/test printing, dwell timer, and remote flash-cure programming. The Compact requires single-phrase electricity and a small air compressor.


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