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Hirsch Int’l says the MHM Synchroprint E-Type AC’s compact size and powerful capabilities make the six-color press an ideal choice for any start-up or small shop that wants to automate. It has a footprint of 11 ft (3.4 m) in diameter and features a multidirectional servo-driven indexing with double-index and freewheel capabilities. The AC-drive printhead has linear guidance, and drive belts are fully enclosed and shielded from glue, spray, and solvents. Hirsch says super-rigid platen-support arms ensure zero deflection. A full-color touchscreen display supports fingertip commands for all the main operator functions, as well as individual printhead controls with multiple print stroke capability, plastisol/water-base ink print modes, sequential start/finish, sample/test print capabilities, a dwell timer, remote flash-cure unit programming, and real-time production data. Online support is available, and software upgrades can be downloaded via the built-in USB port. Hirsch Int’l Corp., 50 Engineers Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, 800-394-4426, Web:


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