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AWT Upgrades Screen-Printing Presses

AWT Upgrades Screen-Printing Presses

New features added to AM-180 and American Rototex machines.

American and AWT World Trade have announced redesigns for the American Rototex manual textile printer and AM-180 cylindrical screen printer for 3D objects.

Updates to the American Rototex machine include a lightweight head for simple rotation of the carousel; a new design with tool-free adjustment said to facilitate faster setups and changeovers; and quick-release platens. The redesigned manual press also offers a 20% smaller overall footprint.

The AM-180 cylindrical screen printer for 3D objects has been reconfigured with laser registration for precise multicolor printing of cylindrical, spherical, elliptical, conical, and tubular items, as well as flat surfaces. Intuitive touch-screen controls allow users to set, adjust, monitor, and control process parameters, and the machine synchronizes substrate rotation with screen/squeegee movement for precise registration. A carriage locking mechanism and close-tolerance linear bearings for accuracy. Users can opt to add features such as universal ware holder, automatic registration device, double- and triple-stroke adaptors, and an automatic turntable for imaging flat substrates with an outside feed.


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