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Madeira's E-Zee brand of backing materials includes products for a variety of embroidery applications. Among the company's offerings are Cut Away, Tear Away, and Cap. Cut Away is a stabilizing backing designed for general use. Madeira says it can be used on fabric that will be worn close to the skin. Cut Away is available in E-Zee Cut 1.5 oz, E-Zee Cut Hefty 2.0 oz, E-Zee Cut Just Right 2.5 oz, E-Zee Cut Extra Stable 2.5 oz, and E-Zee Cut Super Hefty 3.0 oz. The material also is available in E-Zee Cut Hefty Black 2.0 oz and E-Zee Cut Extra Stable Black 2.5 oz. Cut Away comes in rolls and pre-cut sizes. Tear Away is a non-woven backing for general use. Madeira designed it to be torn in any direction without the use of scissors. The company notes that Tear Away can be used on heavier, stable fabrics such as denim or twill. Tear Away is available in E-Zee Tear Lightweight 1.0 oz, E-Zee Tear 1.5 oz, E-Zee Tear Plus 1.8 oz, E-Zee Tear Waffle 1.8 oz, E-Zee Tear Washaway 2.0, and E-Zee Tear 1.5 oz in black. Tear Away comes in rolls and pre-cut sizes. Cap backing is available in two pre-cut sizes, specifically for finished caps. The product line includes E-Zee Cap 2.5 oz and E-Zee Cap 3.0 oz, which also is available in rolls. Madeira USA, 30 Bayside Ct., Laconia, NH 03246, 603-528-2944, 800-225-3001, fax: 800-598-7677, Web:


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