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Balsa Wood Substrates

Balsa Wood Substrates

Lightweight option for graphic displays.

3A Composites has introduced Banova lightweight balsa wood boards for long-term, lightweight, durable graphic displays. The adhesive-bonded veneers are produced from FSC-certified balsa wood and manufactured without formaldehyde. Available in 48 x 96-in. sheets, applications include long-term P-O-P displays, exhibits, kiosks, and interior signage.

Banova Print features a laminated face with the company’s Pro surface treatment designed for enhanced direct printing and simplified handling compared to heavier conventional wood panels. The bright white facers are crafted for ink adhesion and can be processed with existing woodworking tools and joining techniques. Available in 12-mm thickness.

Banova Plus lightweight plywood can be used with various face laminates for a uniform surface for interior displays, plus medium-term exterior signage and long-term framing applications. Offered in 9 to 40 mm.

A textile core layer and flexible wood veneer enable 10-mm-thick Banova Superflex to be bent and shaped to create permanently bonded formed components.


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