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Coates Screen, St. Charles, IL announced that its president, Barry Marshall, has retired. Marshall enjoyed a career of nearly 40 years with Coates Screen, a member of the Sun Chemical North American Commercial Group and ink supplier to the screen-printing industry.

Marshall graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa with a degree in chemistry. He joined Coates in 1968 in Cape Town. Marshall then transferred to the United Kingdom, and in 1971, he moved to Australia to serve as general manager for can coatings. In 1972, Marshall became general manager of can coatings for South Africa. Seven years later, he was promoted to technical director for Coates South Africa.

Marshall relocated to the US in 1990, where he served as president of Colonial Printing Ink Corp. In 1995, Colonial merged with St. Charles, IL-based Color Mix and changed its name to Coates Screen. In 1998, Coates Screen moved its headquarters to St. Charles, IL. Two years later, Sun Chemical acquired Coates Screen.

Marshall says he especially appreciated the opportunity he had to live and work in many locations around the globe, all with the Coates Group. He adds that his career allowed him to meet and become friends with many co-workers and customers worldwide.

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