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Benjamin Franklin Honors Society Inducts Seven New Members



The Ben Franklin Honor Society of Printing Industries of America (PIA) formally inducted seven industry leaders at its reception and awards ceremony on Friday, November 10 at the Embassy Golf Resort & Spa Hotel in Concord, NC: Daniel Adkison; Marina Poropat Joyce, David Olberding, Dennis Pottebaum, Jacob Shaffer, Regina Testa, and Bradley Thompson.


The Ben Franklin Honor Society of Printing Industries of America (PIA) formally inducted seven industry leaders at its reception and awards ceremony on Friday, November 10 at the Embassy Golf Resort & Spa Hotel in Concord, NC: Daniel Adkison; Marina Poropat Joyce, David Olberding, Dennis Pottebaum, Jacob Shaffer, Regina Testa, and Bradley Thompson.


Daniel C. Adkison—Dan is a seasoned veteran of the printing and graphic arts industry with 30-plus years of experience in sales, sales management, and general management. He is an accomplished business leader with a record of executing strategies for improved business processes and bottom-line results. As President and COO of Wright Business Graphics, Adkison has led an ambitious transformation that included new client-driven technology, implementation of Lean manufacturing disciplines, aggressive product diversification, and a renewed emphasis on overall client satisfaction. His dedication to the industry is further illustrated by his involvement on the Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) Board of Directors, Partnership Initiatives, and the Print Education & Research Foundation (PERF) Board of Directors. Dan has been a long-time supporter of his local affiliate, Pacific Printing Industries Association (PPI) and the NW industry. As a result, it is fitting that he was recognized with the Hickey Picker Award, which is the PPI’s Lifetime Achievement Award.



Marina Poropat Joyce—Marina is a passionate paper geek who has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing, and printing her whole life. She fell in love with design and printing early on and founded one of the first design-to-print companies in Los Angeles. Her company, INTAGLIO, was ranked as one of the 50 fastest growing print companies in the country, winner of Inc. Magazine’s Inner City 100 and one of Los Angeles’s top 100 women-owned companies. Her enthusiasm in the print industry is notable with her involvement and long-time dedication and service to her local affiliate, PIA of Southern California (PIASC). Marina has held many posts for PIASC including serving on its Education Committee and Public Relations Committee. She served as a PIASC Board member and ultimately as their Chair of the Board. Today, Marina’s expertise in design, visual identity, logo, slogan, and website design is still in demand through her consulting firm, INEZ D.


David Olberding—David has made his mark in Columbus, Ohio since 1993 when he opened the second location for Phototype, which continues to be a world-class production facility both domestically and internationally. Having a strong sense of leadership, David held governing positions in his local affiliate, Printing Industries of Ohio-North Kentucky, for many years. On a national level, David has served on numerous committees and as the Chairman of PIA’s Marketing Committee in 2012. He spent several years on PIA’s Executive and Finance Committees. Additionally, he ascended in the Officers ranks of PIA in 2012 and ultimately became Chairman of the Board in 2015. David was also recognized by the Central Ohio community and the Graphic Arts Industry by receiving the Franklinton Award.


Dennis Pottebaum—Dennis has been recognized for his active membership in Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA) volunteering his time and resources for many years. He served as a Board member for six years and as its President and in other executive positions within the association. Over his years on the PDSA Board of Directors, he chaired countless committees for the association as well. Dennis was the regional coordinator for PSDA, volunteering and speaking at regional and national events. Additionally, He served on a roundtable discussion representing PSDA to promote print and the promotional products industry. Dennis was a speaker and sponsor at multiple PSDA Young Innovators gatherings. His organization donates to over 200 organizations a year earning it the UMAPP Community Service Award for enriching the lives of others through acts of generosity. He additionally has spoken on a volunteer basis at Printing Industries of the Midlands (now Printing Industry Midwest) events. He is heavily involved in the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and has chaired a number of committees as well.



Jacob W. Shaffer—Immediately out of college, Jake began working with McCormick-Armstrong where he took on many roles before ultimately being named Vice President/General Manager in 1989 and President/General Manager in 1994. He was instrumental in the creation of the Graphic Communication Association (GCA), which was once a special interest group of PIA, serving as its Treasurer and Board Member. Additionally, he long supported chapters of PIA (PI of Wichita and PIA Heartland) and served in many capacities at these associations including Treasurer and President. He was named PIA of the Heartlands 1999 Executive of the Year. Today, his company continues its membership and support of its local affiliate, Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica.


Regina Testa—Gina has long supported the industry. She has served two terms on PIA’s Board of Directors as a representative of the supplier community. In 2016, Gina was the Xerox lead sponsor for Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum’s “American’s Mailing Industry” exhibition project, which told the story of the partnership between the USPS and the mailing (printing) industry. Gina served as Past President of Xerox Women’s Alliance and received the Positive Difference Award in 2007. Gina was also the recipient of the 2012 Naomi Berber Award, an annual award established in 1976 and presented to a woman who has made a major contribution to the graphic communications industries. Gina has also volunteered her time as Past Chair of the Marketing Committee for the Print Council, the National Association for Print Leadership (NAPL, now Idealliance) and was appointed to the NPES Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


Bradley L. Thompson—Brad is the President of Inland Press, a fifth-generation printing company that specializes in serving the print communication needs of municipal governments in the Southeastern Michigan region in addition to providing commercial printing to industry in the same area. He also serves as Government Affairs Chair of the American Court and Commercial Newspaper Association. Brad has been a long-time supporter of his local affiliate, Printing Industries of Michigan, and Printing Industries of America (PIA) national. For PIA national, he served on many committees including the Finance & Executive Committees and its annual planning committee. Additionally, he chaired the Government Affairs and Labor Policy Committee. He served in the Officers ranks since 2012 and ultimately ascended to the highest post at PIA, when he served as its Chairman of the Board in 2016. He has been a champion and strong supporter of PrintPAC, where his yearly donation is at the top level. He is a past president of the American Court and Commercial Newspaper Association and past President of the Public Notice Resource Center in Washington, DC. Brad is a member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Press Association.




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