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The Gilman Bros. Co. introduces two biodegradable foam-board products to its line of substrates. Insite Biodegradable reportedly breaks down completely in landfills and has Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified paper liners. According to Gilman, Duraplast Biodegradable is entirely biodegradable and recyclable. The boards feature a memory-foam center with 15% recycled content and a bio resins formulation. The company explains that the bio resins cause the discarded foam boards to degrade in landfills or commercial composters once the foam is exposed to a bacteria-rich environment. The polystyrene center requires up to five years for complete breakdown. Gilman says InSite Biodegradable features smooth, bright, white paper liners and is suitable for mounting, printing, laminating, screen-printing, and diecutting applications. Duraplast Biodegradable is an all-plastic foam board consisting of a biodegradable polystyrene foam center, faced with waterproof, biodegradable polystyrene liners. The foam board has a smooth, pH-neutral surface, and is suitable for printing and mounting applications. The Gilman Bros. Co., PO Box 38, Gilman, CT 06336, 860-889-8444, fax: 860-889-5226, Web:


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