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Westar Systems LLC says its SLF (super light fast) sublimation inks provide twice the life without color shifts, it has equal fastness characteristics across the color gamut, and it features an unprecedented L7 Blue Wool rating. “Color shift and fading have historically plagued the outdor sublimation market,” says Rich Brenner, president of Westar. “With the release of Westar Systems’ new vibrant, long-life, SLF inks, the problem has been solved. With SLF, all CMYK colors fade at the same rate, which maintains the original color relationships.” SLF inks are versatile and reportedly have been engineered to give the longest life, widest gamut, with the highest saturation of ink possible. According to Westar, SLF inks have 200% more light fastness compared to standard inks. An ink sampler kit is available. Westar Systems LLC, 1210 High Point Ln., Colorado Springs, CO 80904, 719-260-9777, fax: 866-432-1713, e-mail:, Web:

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