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Lesco designed its Spinster UV Bottle Curing system to instantaneously cure all sides of bottles, even in non-stop, semiautomatic screen-printing line. The unit can accommodate round, square, hexagonal, oval, or tapered containers from ¼ oz-1 gal. and up to 12.125 in. (308 mm) tall and 6 in. (152 mm) in diameter. Lesco, a division of American Ultraviolet, says various bottle shapes and sizes can be processed one after another with little or no adjustment. The Spinster features a patented rotational conveyor and reflector engineered to ensure complete 360° curing. Entrance and exit tunnels are shielded, and the unit is mounted on casters. The machine can be outfitted with a 6- or 10-in. (152- or 254-mm) lamp, rated at 300 and 375 w/in., respectively. Rotational speed is adjustable. Lesco Corp., 23555 Telo Ave., Torrance, CA 90505, 310-784-2930, 800-615-3726, fax: 310-784-2929, Web:


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