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ISIMAT says one unique feature of its RS 6460 TP six-color screen-printing press is that it can measure the shape of a bottle’s cross section within a printing area and use the data to automatically preset the printing stations for a new print job. The RS 6460 series is equipped with a rotary indexing table and individual servo motors for each screen and fixture. It uses data collected about the item’s shape to synchronize the rotations of 30 or more servo motors when printing onto round, square, and oval glass or plastic hollowware. The press can print wrap-arounds onto slightly tapered oval bottles at speeds up to 60 items/min. Users can input the polar coordinates of points on a printing area cross section, or if data are not available, the press can measure the shape of a cross section by rotating a bottle under an optical sensor. In either case, the shape of the cross section can be displayed on the touch screen. Each printing station can print onto a different cross section of a bottle during one machine pass. The RS 6460 TP is configured to print with ceramic enamels onto glass bottles and tableware. The RS 6460 UV is equipped with a curing system for UV inks. The press can have either an ISIMAT Uvitro surface-treatment station for printing onto glass and plastic or a flame/corona pretreatment station for printing onto plastic only. ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen, Rindelbacherstr. 38 – 40, D-73479 Ellwangen, Germany, 49-7961-8860, 49-7961-8864-4, e-mail:, Web:


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