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Boyd Technologies (BT), South Lee, MA, parent company of Boyd Converting Co. (BCC), announced it acquired Columbus, GA-based Wellington Custom Fabrics (WCF). Boyd assumed full ownership and operation of WCF on Jan. 1. Boyd Technologies is an entrepreneurial management firm that operates manufacturing companies in the nonwovens industry and markets breakthrough technologies that use those materials.

“The acquisition signals the beginning of an exciting era of unlimited future potential for Boyd Technologies,” says Bronly B. Boyd, founder, owner, and CEO of the company. “Our aim is to grow the business nationally and internationally by seizing intelligent opportunities to offer our customers economies of scale and new and related product options that support our mutual business goals.”

Boyd plans to keep the headquarters for WCF in its current location in Georgia. The company name will remain the same, and Boyd plans to retain the company’s current workforce level with plans for future growth. As a result of the acquisition, Dennis J. martin was appointed president of WCF. Martin also serves as vice president and general manager of BCC, where he has managed the manufacturing facility for the past 28 years.

Charles Kurtz, former owner of WCF, says, “We’re both family-run businesses, When Bronly Boyd, the father, who is widely respected in the industry, and his three sons expressed interest, it seemed like a perfect match. After spending time this time with the Boyds, I wouldn’t sell my business to anyone else.”

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