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GTXpro B direct-to-garment printer

Brother DTG GTXpro B Direct-to-Garment Press

Designed for small to medium print shops.

Brother DTG has launched a new version of its GTXpro B direct-to-garment printer, replacing the bulk ink system with smaller, replaceable pouches in three sizes for small to mid-size shops producing less than 1500 prints per month. The press can output up to 40 dark garments or 55 light garments per hour utilizing high speed print mode on an 11 x 11-in. design, the company reports. 

Additional features include enhanced maintenance system and redesigned wet caps to minimize clogged nozzles and reduce automated cleaning time, white ink printhead internal recirculation, dual platen height sensor, print reservation feature, 16 x 21-in. printing area, specialty platens for printing over seams and sippers, Eco Passport-certified and CPSIA-compliant Innobella Textile inks and pretreatment, GTX Graphics Lab software  with TrueType font support, AccuLine camera, and continuous print mode.


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Garment Printing

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