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Cyrious Software released Cyrious Control Version 4.0 software for the sign, graphics, and printing industries. Itfeatures Cyrious Dashboards, consisting of single-screen, real-time performance indicators, as well as pre-built screens for management, accounting, and production personnel, and the ability to configure screens to match department/job roles. It also offers a job-costing tool that allows users to import materials, labor, and parts from a job to post actual usage, as well as compare estimated to actual costs and apply actual employee labor rate to each specific type of job activity. Production Terminal allows users to access job-production information from a Web browser, change an order/estimate/service ticket’s status or location, and allows production staff to clock in and out of jobs. Other features allows users to store vendors, create purchase orders, and more; instantly create a PO from an order; and automatically calculate country, city, and state taxes and instantly verify client address information. Cyrious Software, 12627-C Jefferson Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 800-552-1418, Web:


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