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Spartanics recently debuted the M510 Compact Card Punching System, a system specifically designed for the requirements of printers, card manufacturers, and others producing 5000- to 86,000-piece/day runs of hotel keys, loyalty cards, phone cards, gift cards, membership cards, and others in standard CR80 formats. The M510 incorporates Spartanics’ electro-optical registration technology and supports hourly output of up to 9000 cards at rate of 50 strokes/min. Spartanics says the M510 has a small footprint, is manually loaded, and features robust, easy-to-operate feeds. Optional standard or long-life three-up CR80 dies (requiring sharpening every million or three million strokes, respectively) are available. Spartanics, 3605 Edison Pl., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, 847-394-5700, fax: 847-394-0409, Web:

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