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“ICN-2200C is a reliable conveyor pad printer that is also user-friendly and cost effective,” sayss Mike Bissel, VP at Inkcups Now. He’s talking about the company’s new carousel-equipped, two-color, sealed-cup pad printer. The eight-station carousel part-transport system includes a shot-pinned (positive lock) tooling-registration feature designed to ensure close-tolerance part positioning. Inkcups Now says the single-point tool-mount configuration reduces typical fixture costs and facilitates rapid changeover of tooling. Other features include XYR microadjust plate-holder assemblies, tool-free pad-mount adjustment, and a membrane touch control for programming pad stroke, pad delay, ink mixing, frequency of ink pickup, and part indexing. Inkcups Now, 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923, 978-646-8980, fax: 978-646-8981, Web:


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