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Oracal developed its 851 Premium Cast Metallic films for applications that require dimensional stability and conformability over curved surfaces, rivets, and corrugations. The 2-mil film features a transparent, solvent-based, permanent adhesive backed by a 78-lb, silicone-coated paper liner. Series 851 film is designed for long-term use (up to seven years) and is suitable for vehicle restyling and fleet-advertising applications. The film is available in 19 glitter colors in 30- and 150-ft (9.0- and 45.8-m) rolls with widths of 24, 48, 15 (punched), and 30 (punched) in. (610, 1219, 381, and 762 mm). Oracal, 7251 Salisbury Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32256, (904) 726-9597, (888) 672-2251, fax: (904) 726-9409, Web:


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