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Neschen Americas, Elkridge, MD, announced it formed an agreement with CeeLite, LLC, Blue Bell, PA, to be a certified supplier of textile printing media for use with CeeLite Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology. Neschen acquired the certification for select materials from its SolvoTex line of textile media, including SolvoTex Artist Premium Heavy S, SolvoTex Samba Light Box, and SolvoTex PES Banner 240.

“When graphics printed on these textile are placed on a CeeLite LEC panel, they exhibit bold, rich tones, even color saturation, and optimum brightness,” says Angela Mohni, vice president of marketing at Neschen. “These textiles are also highly durable to match the broad range of indoor and outdoor applications that CeeLite LEC panels can address.”

Mohni adds, “This partnership offers both companies new opportunities in a range of markets. We are integrating our top product technologies to offer customers easy access to exciting new solutions for high-visibility signs and color images. These can be used for information purposes, graphic, industrial, and architectural design, as well as display and advertising applications.” For more information about products from both companies, visit and

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