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Barudan Benyme-ZN/ZQ-A06 6 Head 9 Needle Embroidery Machine




Machine is operational on all heads, but each requires parts and maintenance to be fully functional. The Drive, Pantograph, Control Panel core components are all in great condition. Due to the previous owner’s lack of upkeep we find that across six heads there is work needed to miscellaneous parts such as the thread cut mechanisms, needle bars, and accessories. Many of these parts have been replaced by our team already as we have recently installed over $1,000 of parts accessories to help improve the state of this machine including brand new sewing hooks, needle plates, red caps, throat plates, bobbin cases, thread support springs, needle bar springs, and other misc pieces that are all fully functional. This machine can operate on its own if given proper storage and required work, but would also work great for parts on your existing ZN/NQ-A machines. This machine has received a lot of love in the last year including deep clean and major overhaul maintenance and has been well kept up with since its arrival in our shop, but is not something we are currently planning on using. Included with the machine are multiple sets of flat and cap hoops needed to begin using it right away.

Buyer handles freight, machine comes with set of homemade wheels to aid in transport.

Brief video showing machine in action: click here.

Asking $6,000


Ian Graham
Feels So Good