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George Knight Triton 931 Large Format (54” x 78” bed) Heat Press




George Knight Triton 931 Large Format Heat Press- 54” x 78” bed. Can press full 4’x 6’ sheets of steel on each side and can press 4’x 8’ by using both sides of the press. 14 years old. The press was working every day until recently. Air System refurbished including Air Lines. The Heat Rods are also mostly replaced with ceramic rods. The Triton is the best sublimation heat press. Over $45,000 new. There is a 480 volt. Transformer that can be included that will allow you to use this press, where you only have 110 volt (Separately Priced). Includes the feeder table at no cost and the surge tank for the air line also at no additional cost. Video Available. Located in NC …….$20,000.


David Thornton
[email protected]