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Bayer Films says its MAKROFOL 3D Metallic FG film boasts a high-quality metallic gloss and eye-catching appearance and is the first film of its kind that can be cold-formed. The polycarbonate film features a chrome-colored finish and can be an alternative to traditional screen-printed mirror finish for films and the electroplating of plastic moldings. Bayer’s new film reportedly does not act as a shield against electromagnetic radiation, and it partially transmits light, allowing the generation of hidden symbols that only reveal information when they are backlit. With a film-insert-molding (FIM) process, the film can be processed into 3-D components with a metallic gloss effect. MAKROFOL 3D film can be cold-formed in a high-pressure process, and Bayer notes that it can be overmolded and back-injected and printed on both sides with good graphic quality. A special coating protects the metallic-effect layer from scratches. Bayer says the metallic effect can be finished with special translucent or transparent color effects using the Aura infusion-coloring method. The color intensity is controlled by the length of the infusion process, and color gradients can be created by removing the molded part slowly from the solution in a controlled operation. MAKROFOL 3D FG is available in thicknesses of 0.008 and 0.013 in. (0.20 and 0.33 mm). Bayer Films Americas, 245 New Park Dr., Berlin, CT 06037, 866-659-9023, fax: 877-229-3702, e-mail:, Web:


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