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GMG describes its ColorProof o5 color-management software system as the most accurate way of creating digital contract-quality inkjet color proofs precisely matched to the printing process. The software is a major version upgrade of GMG’s color-management system. Its core element is a 4D Color Transformation Engine, which GMG designed to guarantee the best possible quality and color accuracy when producing contract proofs on various output devices. Other features include a new user interface, where 75% of the typical tasks can be handled when users select files for proofing. A workflow overview provides a graphic representation of the complete system, including hot folders, associated workflows, and printers, so that the user can immediately access parameter settings when necessary and check system utilization. The Load Balancing function shows where several printers are assigned to one workflow. ColorProof o5 displays every job in its true colors. The software focuses on user-defined proof standards (ISO, SWOP, etc.), the medium used for proofing, the output device, and more. Calibration Containers are included as standard settings and can be customized. They contain the following parameters: calibrations for the printer on a medium, calibrations for differing measuring instruments, full-gamut color space, printer settings affecting print quality, and the intervals at which the printer must be recalibrated and the print quality requested for calibration. Other features of ColorProof o5 include soft proofing with a calibrated monitor, a Load Balancing function that distributes print jobs among different printers, a calibration-checking function, and more. ColorProof o5 can process TIFF, JPEG, EPS, DCS, PS, and PDF file formats in the same hot folder. GMG Americas, 35 Pond Park Rd., Ste. 17, Hingham, MA 02043, e-mail: info©, Web:


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