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GretagMacbeth now offers ProfileMaker 5 Packaging, a color-management solution for multicolor printing applications in the packaging and textile markets. It is designed for use with n-color output and in jobs that require accurate, predictable color reproduction within the multicolor imaging workflow. ProfileMaker 5 Packaging is based on a multicolor separation plug-in and GretagMacbeth’s Generic Output Profiler technology. With this technology, users can automatically regenerate a new profile when one or more spot colors change without the need to recreate test charts, plates, or cylinders. Users exchange colors within an existing ICC profile by measuring the new colors and importing them into an existing profile. The solution’s two Photoshop plug-ins provide one-click separation of images into multicolor channels and soft and hard proofing of images directly into Photoshop. ProfileMaker 5 Packaging allows for ICC profile generation for as many as ten color channels (with or without CMYK). Once users create a profile, they can edit and soft-proof images in Photoshop and create a multicolor separation in one step. Users can employ any combination of up to ten ink colors with no restrictions and adjust parameters during profile generation, such as ink consumption, ink priorities, and metamerism stability. ProfileMaker 5 Packaging is available individually or bundled with GretagMacbeth


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