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Artwork Systems’ Equinox combines ICC profiles with proprietary color algorithms to produce a color-conversion system for expanded-gamut printing. Equinox is designed to enable the standardization of five, six or seven colors of the user’s choice. Operators can choose how images should be separated and spot colors converted, thereby selecting a color build that maximizes color accuracy or press stability and smoothness. Artwork Systems says printing with seven standard colors is more efficient than using CMYK and custom spot colors because the use of standardized colors eliminates the need for mixing custom inks. Equinox offers plug-in integration with Adobe Photoshop and other software applications, and it can be built into a variety of prepress workflows. Artwork Systems Group NV, Artwork Toren, Bellevue 5/1101, B-9050 Gent, Belgium, 32-9-265-84-11, fax: 32-9-265-84-10, e-mail:, Web:


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