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Inkcups Now says its Cobalt 350 system is a revolutionary plate maker for pad printing and a versatile industrial laser etcher. The C02 system features a very small spot size and various raster programs designed to provide maximum control over the quality of pad-printed images and laser-etched graphics. The X-Y motion of the laser printhead allows etching of images up to 25 x 18 in. (635 x 457 mm). The system uses patent-pending Imperial Printing Plates to produce pad-printing plates directly from a computer. Plates can be made without the use of chemicals, films, or concern about depth control. The Cobalt 350 system supports etching applications on wood, ceramic, glass, stone, aluminum, acrylic, coated surfaces, rubber, and other substrates. Inkcups Now Corp., 20 Locust St., Danvers, MA 01923, 978-646-8980, Web:


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