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SunJet, the inkjet-ink div. of Sun Chemical, has developed an inkjet-printable conductive ink based on silver nanoparticles. Photovoltaics, sensors, touchpads, smart labels, and printed circuit boards are among the applications for which the ink is intended. SunJet says it has partnered with a recognized leader in the manufacture of nanoparticle silver and has successfully dispersed and stabilized the silver particles for extremely reliable jetting properties. “We have developed a platform for conductive inkjet inks based on silver nanoparticles, which allows us to formulate [customized] conductive solutions for customers’ individual requirements, although the initial products are based around 20- and 40-weight percent silver content,” explains Nigel Caiger, Sun Chemical’s director of digital technology. “The inks can be sintered at very low temperatures, below 150°C (302°F), which is critical for some printed-electronics applications, where high processing speeds are needed or the substrates are temperature sensitive.” SunJet USA, 3922 Bach-Buxton Rd., Amelia, OH 45102, 513-753-9550, fax: 513-753-7103, Web:


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