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Consultant Tom Rauen Launches “7 Days to Profit” Challenge

Program aims to reveal hidden profits within screen printing shops.




Consultant Tom Rauen Launches “7 Days to Profit” Challenge
Tom Rauen

(PRESS RELEASE) DUBUQUE, IA – Another year end is here … Some of us are sitting here trying to figure out what to do with all the money we made and where to invest it and how to offset our taxes.

Others – like several consulting clients I’ve talked to – are left wondering: Where did it all go? Another year of working countless hours, busting it out, only to have nothing in the bank account at the end of the year to show for it? Where did it all go? Why can’t we seem to get over the hump?

If this is you, whether you made a lot this year, a little, or somewhere in between, there have been a lot of changes in our industry, from supply chain to cost increases across the board. There have also been a lot of economic changes outside of our industry that have a major impact of the way we do business.

“Remember, the ultimate goal of your shop is to make money, not to “stay busy”. You can’t buy groceries with busy.” – Marshall Atkinson

I’m going to kick off the New Year with a “7 Day Challenge” on gaining more PROFIT (not a dirty word) in your business.

I’m going to be covering expenses (hidden profit), and how I uncovered $102,368 in unneeded expenses in one of the businesses we acquired and walk you through the millions of dollars in expenses we occur every year and how we cut them down to earn more profit.


I will also be talking about simplifying areas of your business, pricing and how to adjust for the new economy, contract partners and buying groups, promotional products, repackaging existing services, and leveraging W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) and a few surprise bonuses.

Join me in kicking off the New Year right with the “7 Days to Profit” Challenge.

Looking forward to a Happy and Profitable New Year!

Tom Rauen
Screen Print Marketing

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