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Want to create a glossy, chrome appearance in finished signs? Sheffield Plastics’ VIVAK HT media, in combination with 3M’s Chrome Graphic Film, may be the solution you need. Sheffield Plastics says that its VIVAK HT can be thermoformed with 3M’s Chrome Graphic Film for finished signs that are extremely durable and cost effective. Chrome Graphic Film can be applied to the first or second surface of indoor and outdoor single-film-layer signs mounted in an internally illuminated sign box. Graphics can be thermoformed directly on VIVAK HT. Sheffield’s VIVAK HT reportedly offers superior impact resistance—many times that of impact modified acrylic (IMA)—and forms uniformly at lower temperatures than acrylic, resulting in good detail and deep draw without the webbing and sag sometimes associated with acrylic. Additionally, VIVAK HT supports one- or two-sided heating, requires no drying prior to thermoforming, and can cool faster than IMA. 3M Chrome Graphic Film, when used correctly, is warranted under the 3M MCS Warranty. Sheffield Plastics Inc. (a Bayer MaterialScience company), 119 Salisbury Rd., Sheffield, MA 01257, 800-254-1707, fax: 800-457-3553, Web:


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