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Corel Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in an effort to supports its various user communities, launched The Painter Factory (, an online community open to all Corel Painter artists. Through the Website, artists, designers, and photographers can share ideas and projects, find solutions to design challenges, and offer feedback on the Painter program to the product’s design, development, and marketing teams. Through a centralized location, users can access community news, participate in discussions, and view blogs of Corel’s Painter Masters or view their works on the Factory Wall.

“We are thrilled to offer a forum where Corel Painter artists and those who simply love Painter can share their artwork, experiences, and ideas with one another,” says Rob MacDonald, product manager of Corel Painter. “The Painter Factory has already attracted hundreds of members, and we anticipate that this forum will continue to grow as members realize the benefits of communicating with other digital artists.” For more information about Corel Painter X or to download the trial version, visit

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