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Plastiprint recently introduced EarthCling, low-tack, removable film made from annually renewable corn. The 4-mil white plastic material is a biaxially oriented PLA (polylactic acid) that is fully compostable. EarthCling is designed for short- and long-term applications on glass or other glossy surfaces, as well as matte surfaces such as metals, woods, plastics, and most smooth walls. Plastiprint says EarthCling has excellent scratch resistance and slip characteristics, has a naturally high dyne level, and can be die cut with ease. The company also notes that EarthCling is a sustainable and superior alternative to petroleum-based plastics and is ideal for maximizing available P-O-P space. Plastiprint, 445 Union Blvd., Ste. 209, Lakewood, CO 80228, 303-987-0450, fax: 303-987-0675, Web:


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