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“A cut above the rest” is how TheMagicTouch describes its latest product offering, MagiCut cut materials. They’re designed for use in applying colored text, logos, and freeform designs onto dark garments, fabrics, and promotional items. The materials reportedly offer superb washability, durability, a soft hand feel, and excellent properties for cutting and weeding. MagiCut Flex is a cast, polyurethane film with a matte reflection and a thermally activated adhesive. It’s available in 23 colors, including metallics, neons, and glitters, in 15- and 20-in.-wide (381- and 508-mm) rolls. Customers also can choose from 15 colors of MagiCut Flock, high-density fibers that are designed to offer a textured feel. MagiCut Flock is available in 20- and 40-in.-wide (508- and 1016-mm) rolls. Finally, MagiCut Foils allow users to add holographic/metallic, pearl glitter, and reflective elements to garments. The foils are 19 in. (482 mm) wide. MagiCut materials can be used in most plotters/cutters and are compatible with TheMagicTouch’s MagiCut Software Version 5.0. The company says its software program allows users to convert or trace bitmapped images from sources such as scanners and digital cameras to high-quality outlines suitable for cutting. Black and white line art, grayscale images, and color images also can be converted. TheMagicTouch USA, 6333 W. Howard St., Niles, IL 60714, 888-349-2378, Web:


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