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Graphtec America bills its new CE5000 as an engineering-class cutting plotter that provides an ideal solution for cutting screen- and inkjet-printed signage and graphics. The CE5000 is available in two models, the 24-in. (610-mm) CE5000-60 and 48-in. (1219-mm) CE5000-120. Both feature the Advanced Registration Marks System (ARMS), which detects registration marks on four corners and along the sides of printed graphics to compensate for dimensional changes along the X and Y axes and for material skewing during printing. The CE5000-60 supports a maximum cutting speed of 24 in./sec (610 mm/sec), and the CE5000-120 can reach cutting speeds up to 39 in./sec (991 mm/sec). The maximum cutting force for the CE5000-60 is 300 g and is 450 g for the CE5000-120. Users can set up to eight job setups for recall. CE5000 cutters come with three software applications: Cutting Master 2, a plug-in designed to allow cutter operation from Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW; a controller that allows access to CE5000’s functions via a PC, including cutting speed and pressure, pen movement, and ARMS; and Robo Master Pro, which allows users to create and edit lettering and produce decals. Graphtec America Inc., 1251 E. Dyer Rd., Ste. 110, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 949-770-6010, 800-854-8385, fax: 949-855-0895, Web:


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