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Nazdar Consulting Services says its Data Capture System (DCS) software gives digital printers a new level of control over printed color. The software is engineered to reads complete color data from a print in less than one minute. Once captured, the color information can be used to determine a pass or fail on a print or proof. Users can compare print to proof, print to print, or job to job, and then share the data over their network for review from anywhere in their shop. Through DCS data, users can provide customers with a certificate of quality compliance for jobs with documented color that passes within agreed-upon tolerances. Print shops can use color readings from previous jobs as a reference to compare to reprints for consistency. DCS can be used for process and spot colors, and users can set custom tolerances or use the default industry standards for determining a pass or fail. The Trend Analysis features tracks changes in process and personnel. DCS software is available exclusively through Nazdar Consulting Services and authorized Nazdar distributors. Nazdar Consulting Services, 8501 Hedge Lane Terr., Shawnee, KS 66227-3290, 800-677-4657, fax: 913-422-2295, e-mail:, Web:


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