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EskoArtwork says it developed the Kongsberg XP series of digital cutting tables for manufacturers of P-O-P and permanent in-store product displays that need a fast and highly reliable solution for short run production. Kongsberg XP series machines are designed to operate continuously in a 24/7 production environment. The machines can be equipped with an optional automatic optical registration system for matching the structural design with the graphical elements. The Kongsberg XP series is available in three sizes: XP24 (working area of 66 x 126 in./1680 x 3200 mm), XP44 (87 x 126 in./2200 x 3200 mm), and XP46 (87 x 189 in./2200 x 4800 mm). They support a maximum cutting speed of 30.5 ft/min (100 m/min) and an acceleration of up to 1.5 G. Kongsberg XP series machines include features such as automatic tool leveling, multiple vacuum zones, and a new operator workstation developed specifically for the Kongsberg XP that contains the controller PC, the table control panel, and storage slots for tooling. Esko, 721 Crossroads Ct., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-454-1721, fax: 937-454-1522, Web:


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