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The StencilMaster 1621 computer-to-screen system from Sign-Tronic accepts screen frames up to 90 x 106 in. (2300 x 2700 mm) and supports a maximum inage size of 63 x 83 in. (1600 x 2100 mm). The StencilMaster images at resolutions up to 1270 dpi and exposes screens digitally  to UV light at speeds up to 280 sq ft/ht (26 sq m/hr). Sign-Tronic says micron repcision and sharp dot reproduction ensure quality in screen rulings up to 150 lines/in (60 lines/cm). The StencilMaster can be interfaced to any RIP that outputs 1-bit TIFF files. The system is available in a computer-to-plate version for offset printing and a combined version that can produce screen stencils and offset plates. The next generation StencilMaster, available this year, will support frames up to 181 in. (4597 mm). Sefar Printing Solutions, Inc. is now the exclusive dealer of Sign-Tronic prepress solutions in North America. Sefar Printing Solutions, Inc., 120 Mt. Holly By-Pass, PO Box 679, Lumberton, NJ 08048, 609-613-5000, fax: 609-267-1750, Web:

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