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Looking for a high-viscosity, water- and solvent-resistant, one-component SBQ emulsion specifically formulated for screen-printing applications that require a very thick stencil buildup or coating? KIWO says its Polycol XXL has the job covered and notes that the direct emulsion is capable of wet-on-wet coating to any thickness on any mesh count. Intermediate drying or face coating is not required to reach the desired stencil buildup. Polycol XXL is suitable for special-effects applications using high-density plastisol, glitter, gel, crystalina, caviar beads, and flock. The emulsion also can be used for printing with water-based inks, screen-printable gaskets, ceramic inks, and other abrasive printing media. KIWO, Inc., 1929 Marvin Cir., Seabrook, TX 77586, 800-549-6872, Web:


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