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DTG engineered its Eclipse D-1 direct-to-garment inkjet printer to simplify the process of digitally imaging onto dark garments. The Eclipse uses two heads instead of one. The first has eight channels of white to lay down an underbase. The second head has dual channels of CMYK to print the graphic design. The underbase and color are completed in one pass at a reported average of two minutes per shirt for a 12 x 6-in. (305 x 152-mm) area. The printer is equipped with an ink agitator, which activates every three hours for ten minutes to stir the ink and prevent clogging and separation in the white head. An automatic head-cleaning device regularly activates to keep the head free from dirt and debris. The printer’s ink-vapor remover sucks away fumes that escape as shirts are being printed, funneling them through a filter. An automatic gap-adjustment function allows users to move the platen up or down, depending on the thickness of the garment. A special laser eye prevents the platen or garment from striking the head. SWF East, Inc., 5409 S. West Shore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33611, 877-793-3278, Web:



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