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The Spitfire 65/90 Extreme direct-to-vinyl, mild-solvent inkjet printer from Mutoh feature the company’s patented I: Intelligent Interweaving print technology, 540-dpi productivity print modes, and print speeds up to 177.6 sq ft/hr (54 sq m/hr) on uncoated media. The printer’s i2 technology jets ink in wave forms, not the traditional straight lines used by many wide-format inkjet printers. Mutoh says the wave forms drastically reduce, or even totally eliminate, the typical difficulties inherent in conventional digital printing, such as horizontal banding, step-mismatch banding, ink mottle and bleed, and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. The Spitfire Extreme uses mild solvent inks that are formulated for excellent drying and drop-fixation characteristics. The inks can be printed onto a range of uncoated, eco-coated, and coated substrates, as well as self-adhesive PVC. They offer outdoor durability up to three years. The eight-channel printer is offered in a 2 x CMYK configuration and is equipped with 220- and 440-ml cassettes. A bulk-ink system also is available. Mutoh America Inc., 2602 S. 47th St., #102, Phoenix, AZ 85034, 480-968-7772, fax: 480-968-7990, Web:


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